Responsible Gaming 1xSlots

1xSlots is a licensed online casino operating under the permission of the gaming commission of Curacao. Our site is designed for gambling enthusiasts. At the same time, we encourage all customers to observe the principles of responsible gaming, so as not to get addicted to gambling.

Be carefull when making to much bets at 1xSlots.

How to Prevent Gaming Addiction?

It’s a good idea to start with the right attitude towards casino games. You have to understand that most of the results in the games are random, and you can’t have any significant influence on them. Therefore, any bet, even if it seems to you as safe as possible, is in fact risky and can lead to loss of money. There is no single strategy for playing slots and table games that can guarantee you a positive result.

Casinos should be treated as entertainment and a way to have a good time. Do not take bets as an additional or primary source of income. You may be lucky, and you will win a large sum. It may even happen several times in a row. But you will not get stable results. Every time you make a deposit to 1xSlots, you risk losing it, and you should be ready for it.

Gambling addiction is a serious illness, the existence of which has been confirmed scientifically. It is expressed in the fact that a person suffering from addiction can not control himself and be responsible for his actions. He feels insurmountable craving for gambling and cannot cope with it independently. Unfortunately, everyone is subject to a certain degree of addiction to cheating. And detected this disease is in its late stages.

If you are not sure whether you suffer from addiction to gambling, try to take a break for a few weeks. If you start to feel negativity and irritation, then you already need help. To get it, you can contact the 1xSlots support team. Our specialists will give you the contacts of specialized medical institutions that deal with help in such cases.

If there is no addiction, we recommend following a few simple rules to minimize the risk of its occurrence:

  • Don’t risk money that you are not prepared to lose. If losing will cause financial problems and damage your personal or family budget, don’t risk it;
  • Play only with your own money. Never borrow money or take out a loan to gamble. This can lead to large debts;
  • Do not make repeated deposits and do not raise your bets. If you lose, you don’t need to raise your bets and make another deposit to recoup your previous losses;
  • Take regular breaks during long sessions. If the game is prolonged, do not forget to rest. Every hour, take a break for 15 minutes.

Adhere to these simple principles, and you can protect yourself from the emergence of addiction.

Be carefull with overbetting at 1xSlots.